Chantel Cohen – Relationship Coach

Chantel Cohen – Relationship Coach

Owner, Coach, and therapist at CWC Coaching and Therapy Services

Chantel Cohen - Relationship Coach

Chantel Cohen – Relationship Coach

Chantel’s work as an executive business communications coach/facilitator, and as an individual, founders and couples’ therapist has assisted clients with their journey for self-improvement and career advancement for over ten years. Her clients are founders/entrepreneurs for Google for Start Ups, individuals and groups in corporate, and couples in relationship distress.

She began her career after earning her undergraduate degree in psychology from UCLA. Chantel earned a Master’s degree and received her coaching training and certification from Columbia University. Chantel’s career in counseling has provided her executive coaching business with a sound foundation in group dynamics, emotional intelligence, therapeutic process, motivation and psychology.

Her work as an executive communications’ coach and facilitator has given her the opportunity to work with individuals and facilitate teams in corporate settings. She has developed written and oral communication strategies, feedback and decision-making protocols, and presentation strategies. We use best in class coaching and therapeutic techniques. The scope of her work also includes assessments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and DISC.

Currently, she owns CWC Coaching and Therapy in Atlanta, Georgia, a female-minority-owned and operated business; Chantel and her team have seen over 3,000 clients in her practice. Her clients are from all walks of life, however she’s worked extensively with individuals and founders who have anxiety, ADHD, work-life balance issues, overwhelm, imposter syndrome, childhood trauma, relationship distress, perfectionism, communication issues and depression. In addition, Chantel and her team work with couples and founders who are having communication issues.

The ideal client for Chantel and her team to work with are individuals and founders who are looking for a coaching/therapy hybrid. In general, our clients are looking to optimize and accelerate their performance, turbo charge their career, and enhance their communication in the workplace and in their personal lives. In particular, Chantel and her team help clients identify and explore obstacles, derailers, and patterns of thinking that are counter-productive to their future aspirations.

Chantel’s corporate clients include Google for Start Ups, the Coca-Cola Company, and Clark Atlanta University, as well as numerous individuals in corporate settings and tech.


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