Alessandra Patti – Health Coach

Alessandra Patti – Health Coach

Mental Wellbeing Strategist | Educating organizations to engage with mental wellbeing programs based on prevention | Assertive communication coaching | Mental health first aid trainings and upskilling

Alessandra Patti - Health Coach

Alessandra Patti – Health Coach

I believe we cannot use these two elements enough in life: good communication and self-care. They are so important for our mental well-being. It has become a mission for me, since I have always encouraged people, no matter where and how, to speak their mind about their needs and feelings, to take care of themselves and placing boundaries by being assertive.

This is how I decided to become an entrepreneur and shaped my company, FindYourWay Coaching. I also walk my talk: I give space and time to my own mental health!

After working as a translator and then many years in corporate communication, I turned to my other lifelong passions: mental health, psychology and adults’ education. But I took language and communication with me..

My company offers guidance to organizations and individuals in the form of mental wellbeing coaching and strategy, with special attention to prevention of mental distress. Doing prevention is on one side to take care of our mental health, and on the other side is to learn how to communicate in a compassionate, sustainable and assertive way, so that our mental wellbeing is not negatively impacted. How? With upskilling trainings, coaching sessions and mental health first aid certifications.

More about me here:

My work is also my passion, but I have many hobbies I like cultivating: dancing, reading, journaling and cooking. As the daughter of two scientists, I value research a lot, and I stay up-to-date with global health trends and mental distress prevention techniques and new technologies.


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